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75% Alcohol & Silver Hand Sanitizing Spray - Skin Probiotics
75% Alcohol & Silver Hand Sanitizing Spray - Skin Probiotics

Skin Probiotics

75% Alcohol & Silver Hand Sanitizing Spray


Following the latest FDA guidelines (March 2020):

Our products contain: 75% Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, 10+ ppm silver ions, and a hint of Citrus Blend or Tea Tree & Eucalyptus essential oil or no essential oil make this an excellent on-the-go cleanser and sanitizer for hands and surfaces.

The most skin-friendly, sustainably sourced, aloe vera, and organic vegetable glycerin to help keep skin healthy and help prevent drying.

Stock up for personal use, at work, in your car, and around the home whenever extra cleansing is necessary.

Ready to ship. No waiting. Limited supply.

This product is NOT available to ship outside of the US.

2.00 fl. oz. (60 ml) spray bottle. 

Please wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

USE: When unable to wash hands with soap and water, shake product bottle well, spray a generous amount onto hands and under nails, rub in the product to cover all areas of the hands for 15 -20 seconds, and allow to dry.  After the alcohol and essential oils evaporate, the silver ions will remain on the skin until the next washing.  Wash hands with soap and water often throughout the day, then apply our Cleansing Spray.

Active ingredient: Isopropyl alcohol 75% v/v, an antiseptic.

CONTENT: 75% Isopropyl alcohol by total volume, whole aloe vera juice, organic vegetable glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, (your choice of essential oil or none), citric acid, and 10+ ppm ionic silver.

75% Alcohol & Silver Hand Sanitizing Spray - Skin Probiotics

75% Alcohol & Silver Hand Sanitizing Spray


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Betsy Willard
Spray Sanitizer

I love this product. I just ordered my 2nd bottle.


I keep these in the car and have handed them out to all my kids to keep in the car.

Theresa Shaia Bergen
Sanitizing Spray

This is a fantastic spray from a very good company, the formula doesn’t dry my hands out like most other hand sanitizers, will definitely order again!

Yacine Diallo

grateful I found this small company and the fact that they do hand sanitizer when everything was sold out . not only I like to support small businesses but also I hate purell. this is a great alternative , and not as drying for the skin . I ordered 3 !

Julie Knox
Hand sanitizer finally!

So happy to be able to support this indie beauty company which made the smart decision to convert some of its products to much needed hand sanitizer. Grateful to have it as the world was sold out until I found them!

Kelly Barreto
Great hand sanitizer

Love the hand sanitizer in the spray bottles carry one around in my coat pockets they are so convienient. I spray down the basket handles and pin pad of the debit card machine when I shop... and they aren’t drying my hands out like the other alcohol sprays do.. I’m going to be ordering more next week.