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FREE Healing

Skin Probiotics is offering free remote, over the phone, and online healing.  We have spent over 15 years, on our holistic farm in Texas and online at, healing and helping thousands of families become healthier and happier in their own bodies and lives.  
Please note, your skin is your largest organ in your body so therefore it is the largest indicator of what is going on in and around your body!!!! 


Welcome to the next level of healing and the next stage of your life!

But first let’s address the “free”. We make enough for our living at, and we love our customers worldwide, so we want to give back, and share our effective self healing techniques. Once you experience benefit, or experience positive results, your referrals, Skin Probiotics product purchase, and/or donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.
FREE Remote Healing at
For generations now we have all tried to find the best way to heal. Whether by mental, emotional, or physical means, most of these methods, if not all, have consisted of products or therapy’s applied to or ingested by the body to reduce or eliminate unwanted symptoms in our body. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. Our own Skin Probiotics are infused with our healing process which increases our efficacy but there are still customers who are not healing as quickly as they should or their symptoms come back. We truly believe all symptoms should go away forever if you addressed the true source of the symptom.
Unfortunately there has been little to no effort by Western Medical Communities to address the CAUSE of your body’s symptoms. There are many societal, financial, and political reasons for that but we will choose a positive path here and instead focus on your healing. There are also more holistic alternative treatments out there now but many you can’t duplicate on your own or you have to continue to purchase products/services.
We believe if you realize the true source of any issue/trauma in your body, in effect being your very own scientist or doctor researching your body, anyone can find the source of their discomfort. You can do this by following your mental, emotional, and physical body vibrating frequencies. 
These frequencies represent ALL matter!
By finding the cause of imbalance or dis-ease frequencies in your body you can immediately and completely address it, which rebalances your body and mind. This will in turn alleviate the symptoms allowing you to live a happier life. The elimination of symptoms is sometimes immediate and other times longer (everybody is different) but the good news is when you eliminate the true cause, the symptoms do not come back.
More importantly the method used to do this is simple to teach, straightforward, and very effective. This allows you to continue to use this process (without needing anyone else) over and over again as you go through life. 
This process becomes a quick pain free way of life for not only you, but also your friends and family because of its simplicity. Let’s make you a hero instead of a victim.
The process we use is a combination of verbal therapy, kinesiology and vibrational frequency.
As we said earlier your body and all matter vibrates at certain frequencies.
We have successfully used this process with our friends and family (including our teenagers!) as well as thousands other families over the last 15 years!
The healing is free. Once you see benefit we ask that you make a donation and/or tell others. It is all up to you.
This healing process begins by:
1. Sending us an email to or text to Grant, my husband and business partner, if it is short enough, 832 449-2460, outlining your concerns (mental, emotional, or physical). 
2. Make sure you try to include Emotions/Feelings. This is very important and later in the process you will see why.
3A.We will respond with a therapy/kinesiology session where you will become aware of some true causes of your imbalance.
B. Together we will determine the vibrating frequency of the source of imbalance (we will show you how to do this)
C. We will execute the protocol to change the frequency of the issue, situation or trauma to either release or eliminate your imbalance from the body. 
D. Together we will confirm the imbalance is resolved and there is a shift.
4. Follow up phone call/email to check progress.


Areas we work on:

Childhood trauma identification, trauma related physical issues, and release of trauma.

Adult trauma identification, related physical issues, and release of trauma. 

Trapped emotions, related physical issues, and release of trauma.

Email us at to schedule an appointment. Once you experience benefit, or experience positive results, your referrals, Skin Probiotics product purchase, and/or donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.  We look forward to helping you in your journey to a beautiful and healthy body...and life.
With Love and Thanks, 
Ellie & Grant Wilson