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Our Story

Hi! I'm Ellie Hang Trinh, founder of Skin Probiotics.

Our patent pending Skin Probiotics was born from my young children’s eczema and milk allergies. As a trained scientist and attorney, I wanted to identify the root cause to these problems and find natural solutions without subjecting them to uncomfortable treatments.

After years of research and running a raw dairy farm in Texas, my husband and I unraveled the root causes of most modern ailments and discovered how to restore the body’s ability to function properly without the need for conventional or alternative treatments. A healthy body requires a balance of hydration, mineral salt, traditional nutrition, emotional wellness and… BENEFICIAL BACTERIA.

Through my research, I found that probiotic bacteria was a critical component for a healthy, functioning body. Without these beneficial bacteria, we would not even be alive. Trillions of beneficial bacteria live in our bodies and play a vital role in keeping us alive and healthy (including preventing harmful bacteria from sickening us). The lack of beneficial bacteria is what allows bad bacteria to cause illnesses and other health issues.

Our patent-pending Skin Probiotics products are different because our probiotic bacteria is live and doesn't require refrigeration. With consistent use, our products help the skin's microbiome become healthy and resilient and thus free of acne, eczema, premature aging and inflammation.