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HOW TO: Keep Our Human Microbiome Healthy [VIDEO]

by Ellie Hang Trinh |

Before I had even heard of the Human Microbiome, I was already immersed in it from my everyday life on my raw dairy farm in Texas.  Both of my children were born via C-Section and were plagued with dry skin and eczema (explained in the video below). Over eight years of healing my childrens’ skin and countless hours of research, we determined a direct link between the gut and skin’s microbiome; thus the skin and even the brain is under the control of the gut microbiome/bacteria (ie. Autism, ADHD).

To improve and build up both gut and skin health, we started eating fresh raw foods and cultured raw dairy to help the gut microbiome. Using the Hygiene Hypothesis (explained in the video below), we purposely expose our children to the “dirty” farm life and farm animals in order improve the diversity of their skin microbiome and our home microbiome.  Over time their young immune system became mature and strong. We saw a complete improvement in their skin and overall health.

Please take 5 minutes and watch this amazing video about our human microbiome and how to keep it healthy so we can be healthy.

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