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HEALTHY LIVING: Food & Freedom of Choice

by Ellie Hang Trinh |

My husband and I chose to farm because we wanted to control as much of what goes into our children’s body as we could.

We wanted freedom of CHOICE!

We became extremely frustrated with current protocols and ideologies from the western medicine, food conglomerates, pharmaceutical companies and media.


As parents, we try our best to gather research, advice, and opinions to help us make decisions when our children suffer. There are times we made the right decision and there are times we were wrong. The right decisions produce their own reward. The wrong decisions were made easier to bear because we were sure we did the best we could with the information we had. The empowerment and courage developed from the process made us better able to handle the next health scare. Just remember back when you were a new parent and were freaking out over the slightest thing that you wouldn’t think twice about now.

Those who say Gramen Farm (our farm and farm stores) should just write and concentrate on food are missing the most important part of this families health journey we call the Gramen Farm way, FREEDOM OF CHOICE. But freedom to choose comes with a responsibility, doesn’t it? If you are the one choosing, you are the one responsible. That is a tough and scary thing when it comes to our children. The scared part of us wants to relinquish that fear and responsibility to what we perceive as a greater authority or greater power especially when it comes to health or sickness, life or death.

In today’s world of large corporations controlling power over industries, government and media, that directly affect our children’s health, it is impossible to relinquish this responsibility. As the article below references, we are all witnessing the results of these actions more and more every day!

Gramen Farm receives thousands of visits each month for 7 continuous years from families with children affected by many ailments. So often we hear stories of parents experiencing ridicule or shaming from others in the community whether it be friends, family members, or health professionals. It scares the hell out of them and it should. Unfortunately, it is a very hard process, but if it was easy it would not be as life-changing.

Many of those experiencing tough situations that kept their power of choice and followed their mothers’ intuition or parental intuition, to reach a decision based on their research and common sense, were so empowered it changed their life.

All of the benefits, confidence and empowerment, Grant and I have felt from this whole Gramen Farm experience, came about because of a decision to take responsibility for our own children’s health choices.

A loving responsible parent will be right more than they are wrong. 

Please take the time to read this article AND the references.

You must deal in facts on both sides for or against any health issue. Then let your parental intuition and common sense guide you. Whatever you decide is the best you can do. Thank you and have a healthy day.


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